Direct to Consumer, Not Just for Amazon...


Understandably, not all businesses are created equally – selling financial management software and shoes are very different products/services. However, why shouldn’t the way we shop for them be just as seamless?

It’s well known that that millennials are shopping online, looking for home design from the comfort of their couch. With an easily distracted generation in mind, retailers worked to eliminate the friction points in the customer experience and get the sale before the shopper navigates to the next site. This same generation will soon be making the jump into other industries, and these services need to be prepared.

  • Shopping for a doctor – when they google “Top maternity Pittsburgh” – what do they click on first?

  • Shopping for a wealth advisor – will they search out the advisor with dozens of seminars, or will their attention be sparked by the advisor who posts trends to LinkedIn and Instagram?

  • Shopping for an attorney – are they more likely to call the number on the diner placemat or the one running video promotions on Facebook?

There is an opportunity for Baby Boomers to be engaged online as well; a generation that has been committed to traditional brick-and-mortar or relying on being able to pick up the phone for more information. Forbes reports that 82% of Baby Boomers are on social media. As shoppers, they demand quality customer service, so brands must adapt their online presence to display that ability of customer interaction as well.

Generations of consumers are online. If consumers of goods are “checking out” online, we can guarantee that they are shopping for services there too. Is your business optimized to be discovered first when the consumer does these searches?