Digital Content is King

Content is King.png

Marketers have understood the need for relevant and consistent content production for a long time. The idea that ‘content is king” is now an understatement in a world where every industry is going through a digital transformation. Content is no longer the king, or the law – content is the paper that the laws are written on.

When it comes to content marketing, innovation is a must. Your brand must produce high-quality and original content that allows consumers to easily digest your content – and if you’re really good, pass it on for you. For every message, there is an appropriate medium. Digital content marketing opens the gates to the Garden of Edan, where the story of creation is limitless.

SO, what makes Digital Content King?

1. It’s a requirement for SEO

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most effective ways to create organic traffic to your site. The best way to create this organic traffic is to TALK! Talk about what’s new in your industry, why new products are the key to a better life, how to do something better or how it’s made. The consumer is out there doing just that; consuming. The more information you put out there, the better the chance you have at landing in the consumers’ search engine results page (SERP).

2. Digital Marketing is less disruptive

Fans of Godin will like this one. It’s all about making a seamless experience for the consumer. Eliminating customer friction points and allowing someone browsing the web or social media to not have to stop what they’re doing to try and find your product. Much like the power of SEO, non-disruptive content allows for content to be consumed organically. It’s not a pop-up ad, its product placement. It’s not a flashing billboard, its influencer marketing (think Selina Gomez posting a selfie with her latest joggers on). With people spending most of their day in front of a screen, and much of that on social media – marketers are finding that becoming a non-disruptive part of that process is much more effective than traditional marketing.

3. Allows for more engaging storytelling

To the last point being made, people are spending more time online and on social media. Great marketing shares the same throne with great storytelling. In 2019, the best stories are being shared online. When a target customer is scrolling through their feed and comes across an engaging story that they’ve been targeted for because of their interests, the engagement rate and likelihood of the consumer clicking the content goes through the roof compared to traditional marketing.

4. Creates open-ended opportunities for innovation

Who says that content has to be a picture or video? With advancements in augmented reality, maybe your next promotion is an interactive label that users can scan with their phone to learn more about the product? The digital space is expanding rapidly. Let’s take voice for example. Experts predict that the next large advancement for e-commerce shopping is SEO for voice. Marketing with Alexa and Google Home are expected to be how companies selling on Amazon and Shopify conquer their marketplace.

5. Provides enhanced tracking and budgeting

Digital content takes the guesswork out of how effective a campaign was. We now have a trackable way of knowing just how many impressions an ad has. But let’s not stop at vanity metrics – the impression can then be retargeted in future ads, leading to an extremely more effective way to go about lead conversion.